Plumbing Maintenance

TK Plumbing specializes in most aspects of residential and commercial plumbing maintenance.


Our services include:

  • Repairing taps, toilets, and leaks on water or waste pipes
  • Repairs to hot water cylinder valves, pipes or replacing cylinder
  • Repairs or replacements of Insinkerator
  • Upgrading existing fixtures for that new look

By keeping the maintenance up on your plumbing fixtures and fittings it can save you a lot of money with reduced risk of wasting water or power, which as we all know is getting even more expensive.

By locating your water meter usually at the front of the property, clearing the meter and checking the water usage you can make sure there are no nasty surprises when it comes to the rates bill. Also, it is very handy to know where you can shut off the water should there be any leaks that need to be shut down straight away.

If you have any issues locating your meter you can contact your local council for the location that they will have on record.


Maintenance Tips from TK Plumbing

  • By cleaning out filters on the spouts of taps will get the pressure back out of the spout
  • Keeping gutters and downpipes clear will reduce the risk of leaks internally
  • Filling the Insinkerator with ice and switching the unit on will resharpen the blades
  • Switch of your hot water cylinder power if on holiday for more than a week or so will reduce the power bill for the month
  • Trigger your TPR valve on your mains pressure hot water cylinder every 6 months to extend the life of the valve